Financing & Insurance

We want your experience with us to be memorable and exciting, and we know price is always a concern. That’s why we work to make your purchase fit more comfortably within your budget. Our options include financing through Synchrony Financial with credit promotions available year round.

Just check with one of our sales associates and they’ll be happy to tell you about specific promotions being offered for your purchase.

In addition to Synchrony Financial promotions, we accept all major credit cards and cashier’s checks.

Insurance and Appraisals.

We strongly recommend that you purchase an all risk personal jewelry insurance policy to cover loss, damage or theft of your fine pieces.  This is because a simple homeowners policy often will not provide adequate coverage for your jewelry. Jewelry insurance is fairly reasonable in most cases, and protecting your investment is well worth your peace of mind.

While Shaftel Diamond Co. does not sell insurance, we do recommend an expert in the field – Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co. Jewelers Mutual offers policies that are competitively priced and provide comprehensive, all-risk coverage. Simply visit their website at to get quotes online and apply for coverage.

While you’re thinking about jewelry insurance, you should also consider having your jewelry appraised.  Not only does value fluctuate, but insurance companies will require a recent appraisal before issuing your policy.  We recommend a yearly appraisal for fine pieces, and we suggest you seek out a qualified, independent appraiser. If you’re not sure how to find one, we’ll be happy to help.