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More than ever before couples are looking for an engagement ring that is as unique as their love and their relationship.  As a result, they’re turning to fancy colored engagement rings with diamonds and gemstones as an alternative to the traditional colorless diamond. At Shaftel Diamond Co. we are experts in color!

A growing number of young people and celebrities are opting for bold color as a way to express their style and individuality. From gorgeous canary yellows to feminine pinks, fancy colored diamonds are rare, beautiful, and uncommon. Colored diamonds offer a new twist on the classic colorless diamond without sacrificing durability and exclusivity.

Sapphires and Rubies, collectively classified as “corundum” are the colored stones best suited for every day wear. Sapphires come in a magnificent array of colors including: yellow, green, peach, and pink. Rubies are essentially red sapphires, and cover a surprisingly diverse spectrum from deep rich scarlet to more “open” hues like pinkish red, typical of some fine Burmese stones – just red enough to be considered rubies rather than pink Sapphires.

Other precious colored stones, such as Emerald, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, and others are in demand as well. You should, however discuss care and durability issues with one of our knowledgeable staff professionals (averaging over 20 years of experience) before making your choice.

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