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Shaftel Diamonds: World Class, Exceptional Value, Exemplary Customer Service – 5 Stars *****

My experience with Shaftel Diamond Co. is extraordinary! From the moment I walk in I feel important, respected, and I am treated with the utmost in customer care.

What is really amazing is that in these busy times, most establishments are only interested in your money and then you are forgotten. I am proud to say that this is not the case with Shaftel. Danny, Keith and all the other wonderful employees honestly could not be more kind and generous with their time. You are never rushed to make a decision and they bend over backwards to assist you in whatever your heart desires.

I have purchased from them for the past couple of years (diamond earrings, custom diamond necklace), and I will not buy from anyone else. Friends, family, and even strangers have commented on the beauty of my jewelry and are amazed when I tell them about Shaftel. Shaftel’s pricing puts all the retail establishments to shame! We all hear the familiar cliches that “He went to …… or every kiss begins with…” I am here to tell you a fool would go to those places and throw their money away when you can go to Shaftel, get better quality for a lot less money, and be treated like family every time you go to Shaftel. Get greater value by spending your money on quality at below retail prices, instead of throwing your money away on retail, glitzy advertising, and synthetic salespeople!

Reta ‎(Conroe, Tx)

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OUTSTANDING! I had a wonderful experience working with Keith Shaftel. He is a true professional and has many years of experience. He made the entire process painless. I was nervous about making this big purchase and looking at diamonds. He put me at ease at our first visit. They have a wide selection of beautiful View Item»

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