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Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds – A Quick Lesson in Exotic Colors

12ct Fancy Intense Pink Diamond - Harry Winston


If a typical white, eye-clean diamond is not not mysterious enough, imagine how much more information you can discover once you begin looking into the various natural, exotic colored diamonds.  Contrary to may people out there may think, natural diamonds can actually be found in almost any hue.  That said, of course, the more exotic the color, the pricier that diamond can become.  And it is amazing to find out that each natural color variation is the result of the environment in which it forms over many millions of years, deep down within the earth’s crust. 

Today, on our Facebook page ( www.Facebook.com/ShaftelDiamonds ) we posted a beautiful picture of an extremely rare, one-of-a-kind gem owned by famed jeweler, Harry Winston.  Pretty sunning, huh?  What is even more impressive is the fact that it is highly unusual to find a fancy pink diamond in a round brilliant cut… especially one of such significance.  The specs are as follows:

12.04-ct. fancy intense pink Type IIa round brilliant-cut diamond ring, by Harry Winston. © Christie’s Images Limited 2012.  Source Link:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/anthonydemarco/2012/03/30/rare-12-carat-round-pink-diamond-could-fetch-10-million-at-auction/  
12ct Fancy Intense Pink Diamond - Harry Winston

Harry Winston Pink Diamond at Auction

Also stated in the same Forbes.com article about this diamond:
The Martian Pink is one of two known significant sized round pink diamonds in this world—the other being the 23.60-carat Williamson Pink diamond that was presented to Queen Elizabeth II on the occasion of her wedding in 1947. While most natural pink diamonds exhibit a color modifier like purple, orange or grey, the gem that is up for auction “shows absolutely no trace of a secondary color, making it exceedingly rare,” the auction house said. “Combined with a Type IIa characteristic, the diamond shows an extraordinary limpidity together with a lovely intense pink coloration.”

And the fun doesn’t stop there, naturally, there are a number of other very special gems up for auction in the lot aside the amazing gems avove.  When you have a moment, we encourage you to take a look at the auction item highligts here:  Hong Kong’s Magnificent Jewels Sale on May 29, 2012.

Personally, I would love to be able to get my hands on any one of these exclusive gems!

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