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I am so glad that I found Shaftel Diamond Co. here in Houston because I don’t think we could have possibly purchased a better engagement ring anywhere else. And by “better”, I mean waaaayyy better in every way: quality, service, price, selection…i’m sure i can go on for hours. I wanted a 1.50 carat round diamond that was ideal cut and fine quality. Every other jewelry store in Houston we went to on our engagement ring search couldn’t come up with a single diamond that came close to what we wanted. Everyone else just tried very hard to “sell” what they had and what they had was mostly junk. But not at Shaftel. They had 6 stones that were exactly what we had in mind and judging by the depth of their engagement ring selection, i’m sure that no matter what our request, they would have had that too! Not only that, but when we heard the prices, we had to do a double-take because we were astounded at how much lower their prices were than everywhere we visited, even lower than we found online and at stores that claimed “wholesale prices”. And the whole experience was more like we were getting an education in diamonds rather than shopping for one. Ultimately, Shaftel got our business and we will make sure our friends and family shop there as well.

Michelle (Bellaire, TX)

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After researching for hours on the internet on finding a reputable and experience jeweler in the Houston area, I decided to visit Shaftel Diamonds. Shaftel Diamonds had so many great reviews from their customers. I loved that this was a family owned business with a great reputation. 

The reviews were spot on. Keith Shaftel and View Item»

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