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Jewelry Care, Cleaning, Insurance

Jewelry Cleaning and Care*
*Courtesy of Perfect Circle Insurance Co.
and Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co.

Jewelry is made to be enjoyed, and a little extra care will help extend the enjoyment for a lifetime. And if you pass it down, maybe several lifetimes. Use these Perfect Circle™ jewelry care tips to extend the shine and sparkle, and keep your stones safely in their settings.

Get checkups. At least once a year, take your jewelry to a jeweler for inspection and cleaning. They’ll check for loose settings, worn prongs and other potential problems. Ask for tips on how to clean your jewelry at home between visits.

Clean regularly. Clean your jewelry at home to avoid dirt buildup that can increase wear, but use precaution. It is always best to use warm water and a baby soft tooth brush. Stay away from sinks and drains.

Don’t wait. If you see a prong that’s loose, worn or catches on fabric, it could lead to a lost diamond. Take the piece to your jeweler and have it checked immediately.

Store gently. When you’re not wearing your jewelry, place each item in a separate soft compartment or container. Storing jewelry cluttered together can cause scratches. Never hang necklaces as that can cause them to stretch. Be careful when using ring holders or jewelry dishes as these tend to stack rings on top of each other, which can cause damage.

Go easy. Diamonds are among the hardest materials on earth, but they can chip if struck at the right angle. Don’t risk a damaged engagement ring. For any potentially high-impact activity, store your ring safely on the sidelines.

Insure it. Be sure to get jewelry insurance with coverage that’s right for you, so if you do experience theft, loss or damage, you’re covered. Your peace of mind is worth it. Jewelry Insurance is fairly reasonable in most cases, and may only be sold by a licensed, state authorized agent. Beware of limited risk stone replacement policies offered by a jewelry seller, as the fine print will likely reveal that you are not getting the kind of all-risk coverage a real insurance policy company offers. At your request we will supply you with information on reputable insurance companies.

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I found this place by chance, and could not have been more impressed. Not only was the selection of diamonds and settings outstanding but the service was excellent. I would recommend this store to anyone looking for fine jewelry. The sales staff were pleasant and very informative. 5 stars, easy! Jason P. (River Oaks, TX)

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