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Colored Gemstones Guide

Precious Colored Gemstones at the Best Possible Prices!

Our expertise in the precious gemstones market is unsurpassed in the Houston area. We boast a substantial inventory of beautiful colored stones and pearls from all over the world ranging from $20.00 to well over $100,000. unique colored gemstones We have rich red Rubies from Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, and Africa – Sapphires of all colors (blue, pink, yellow, golden and more) from Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Thailand, and Madagascar – Luscious Emeralds from Colombia, Brazil and Zambia – Tanzanite from Tanzania – and Pearls of every imaginable hue from Japan, Tahiti, Australia, and China. Browse through our Colored Stone Jewelry in our Fine Jewelry section for a more in depth look at these types of precious stones.

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I found this place by chance, and could not have been more impressed. Not only was the selection of diamonds and settings outstanding but the service was excellent. I would recommend this store to anyone looking for fine jewelry. The sales staff were pleasant and very informative. 5 stars, easy! Jason P. (River Oaks, TX)

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