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Custom Engagement Rings in Houston, TX


Custom Engagement Rings in Houston, TX

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Finding the perfect engagement ring is a process that is typically accomplished by breaking down the search into two basic steps, 1.) Selecting the center stone by comparing several options side by side, and 2.) Deciding the style or theme for the ring that best suits the taste of the wearer.  Sounds simple, huh?  Well yes, it very well can be.  But what happens when you have spent hours, days, even months searching online and in local jewelry stores and while there are a handful of designs that you like, you have yet to find “The One.” You may like the “halo” top of the ring in this image, the side stones of that image and have a totally original idea for the design on the side. Now what?

With the sophistication of today’s 3D CAD software, a 3d rendering can be created which is so realistic you would almost swear it was a photograph of your dream ring. The image can then be executed as a wax model (the first step of the actual manufacturing process) by feeding the 3D design into machine that can create the original model either by cutting it from a solid block of wax or by “printing,” using the wax as the ink – depositing layer after micro-thin layer of wax until every detail of the finished model has been “grown” in its entirety. It is a truly fascinating process. Of course, there are still a few old-world craftsmen around who can actually use the 3D rendering as a guide to create the original model completely by hand. Believe it or not, such an individual can often create a piece even cleaner and more delicate that his mechanical counterpart.

Using this original wax model, the ring can then be cast in the metal of choice using the time-honored “lost wax” process, then polished and set with whatever stones you choose. And voila, your ring has gone from concept to reality, typically within a few short weeks or even less.

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