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April’s Birth Stone: Diamond

April's Birth Stone is Diamond.


April's Birth Stone is Diamond.

Diamond: April's Birthstone

                 Each and every gemstone has unique characteristics that set it apart from the others.  None, however, is as well known and as sought after as diamond.  Diamond is unmatched in hardness not just by other gemstones but by any know substance on the planet.  This, coupled with diamond’s extreme toughness, brilliance and fire make it the ideal gemstone for engagement rings and any jewelry worn on a regular basis. 

                One common misconception about diamond is that they are “unbreakable”.  While it is true that only a diamond can scratch a diamond, it is possible to chip or break a diamond, even during normal wear and tear.  In fact, natural corundum (aka: sapphire & ruby), although not nearly as hard (ability to be scratched) as diamond, it is technically tougher (harder to break) than diamond, although both are extraordinarily durable.  Regardless of the possibility of damaging a diamond, don’t worry – it is not an easy thing to accomplish and in the event that a diamond experiences a minor chip or abrasion during wear, it is usually a fairly easy repair for a diamond cutter to make and it often does not result in significant loss of weight nor does it detract from its beauty.  

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