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Jewelry Guarantee

One Year Service Plan

All Shaftel Diamond Co. jewelry orders come with our One Year Service Plan at no additional charge. This policy covers refinishing and repairs that are the result of normal wear or manufacturing defects, for a period of one year from delivery date. We will even replace very small accent stones at no charge provided that there are no signs of unusual damage. The one year service policy is void if work has been performed by another jeweler. We strongly recommend purchasing an all risk personal jewelry insurance policy to cover loss and/or damage to your precious items.

With proper care and maintenance you can expect to get a lifetime of enjoyment from your Shaftel diamonds and jewelry. While our jewelry is made to be worn and enjoyed for many years, precious metals are relatively soft and will experience some level of wear and tear over time. Some jewelry styles such as diamond pavé are more delicate than others and therefore lifestyle should be taken into consideration when choosing a jewelry design. It is important to take care of your jewelry at home. A Shaftel representative is happy to provide jewelry care information and recommendations to help keep your jewelry in top condition.

When you bring your jewelry in for maintenance or repair your items will be carefully inspected and documented upon receipt. The requested work will be performed in a prompt and consciences manner. Should any of the required work be found to be the result of something other than normal wear or manufacturing defect, you will be advised of the specifics as well as associated fees.

In addition, we provide the following services annually, free of charge, for as long as you own your jewelry:

  •  check stones for tightness and tighten loose stones
  •  polish and refinish your jewelry, including rhodium re-plating on qualifying items

Complimentary Ring Sizing

While we do encourage our customers to determine the correct ring size at the time of the order, we offer one complimentary ring sizing within a period of one year from the date of delivery on most rings. Certain rings cannot be sized, have limited ranges within which they can be sized, or will involve additional fees. Please contact a Shaftel Diamond representative for specific clarification.

Additional Services

Should your jewelry need servicing outside of the one year period, we will be happy to assist you. Simply return the item to us for evaluation. It will be reviewed by our dedicated customer service team and you will be advised of services recommended as well as associated fees and timeframes before any work is done. Fees for repairs or other servicing on your jewelry, beyond the one year Shaftel Service Policy period are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customers are highly encouraged to consider a personal jewelry insurance policy which will cover all repairs large and small.


For many customers protecting their fine jewelry investment with a personal jewelry insurance policy makes sense and gives great peace of mind. While Shaftel Diamond Co. does not sell insurance, we do recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co., a specialist in the field. They are competitively priced and offer comprehensive all-risk coverage. Simply visit their website at JewelersMutal.com to get quotes online and apply for coverage. You may want to compare their coverage and rates to those of other companies.


Jewelry Care Essentials

General Care

Your jewelry is built to be worn and enjoyed. However, gold and platinum and even diamonds can be damaged and will experience some level of wear and tear. Here are some common sense rules to help protect your treasured items:

Avoid wearing fine jewelry while engaging in activities likely to cause excessive wear and tear such as working out at the gym or doing heavy yard work. Exposure to harsh chemicals such as those found in household cleaning products and some hair products can be harmful. Chlorine in a swimming pool can degrade gold alloys. Jewelry should be stored carefully when not in use to avoid contact with other jewelry as diamonds can scratch anything.

Check your jewelry regularly for any problems such as loose stones and broken, very worn or lifted prongs. If your ring is catching on clothing or feels rough to the touch, then attention is needed. Have us inspect your jewelry once a year or whenever you detect a potential problem.

Depending on thickness, gold and platinum jewelry are susceptible to bending. Rings can sometimes get out-of-round from the pressure of gripping or other actions.

White gold pieces are almost always plated with rhodium, a very hard, pure white metal, to give them a bright white luster. Depending on wearing conditions, lifestyle and body chemistry a white gold piece may need to be periodically re-plated to regain top luster.

Some jewelry styles such as diamond pavé are more delicate than others and therefore lifestyle should be taken into consideration when choosing a jewelry design. It is not unusual for one or two stones to fall out from time to time. There is no need for alarm as repair and replacement is not very costly – and can be free if within our warranty period and conditions.

Regular cleaning is recommended in order to keep your jewelry looking beautiful. A Shaftel representative is always happy to professionally clean your items ultrasonically and with a steam cleaner as often as desired at no charge.

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